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Joey, I have a feeling they are still woiknrg on the special effects and that is why we're not seeing much of them in these early trailers.I would say, from what I see in these trailers, that they will definitely excite readers of the books more than non-readers and I expect beefier trailers to start coming out closer to the holidays.In the meantime, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the books. They are worth it.I hated the Spiderwick movie (no substance, no story) and Inkheart was just okay. I didn't read either book before though.In any event, this movie could be amazing or it could just not even touch on all the cool parts of the book. I have high hopes nonetheless.

Hi Kate!I thought I knew most of the plaoupr titles but I haven't heard of this one it sounds fun! Have you gotten used to straight hair yet? I'll bet you love getting up in the morning and being able to brush it! It sure looks cute.I love you lots,Grandma

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