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than done, though, and has a mcilsnuie survival rate. It is very difficult for them to drink from anything but a mother rabbit when they are that young, and they usually aspirate the formula you try to save them with, which causes them to die of drowning or pneumonia. What good is the magic colostrum, if it goes into their tiny lungs, because they're trying to drink it from an eyedropper, or rubber nipple?Have any of you tried to keep 1-day-old babies alive, when they have no mother to nurse from, and they can't take in the formula you are trying to give them? They don't last long. You think 24 hours is suspicious. I have had a couple of baby rabbits die overnight just from crawling away from their littermates in the nest, and getting cold. They were fine, warm, and wiggly at night, and dead the next morning. And it doesn't even have to be cold outside for it to happen; it can happen in the summer.If they miss a single feeding, they can become weak enough that they cannot nurse. Many times, as long as they don't miss two in a row, they will survive and get back on track. Sometimes, they don't.There are some things people just can't do. One of them is be a mother rabbit.

That's a great pupkmin. I tried to stick my head in dad's pupkmin when it had a candle in, and he told me off. So I gave it a good chew on the face and then put my head in mum's pupkmin instead, because hers didn't have a candle, and I could wear it like a spooky mask. Must have worked, because I got some treats!

They They can see my soul They are quietly jundigg me! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME! YOU ARE INSIDE PAPER CUPS! I have much better cups! You had better use those cups once you are done with them! It's bad for the invironment if you don't.

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